WeCARE v2.1

A Covid-19 Solution for Testing Monitoring Reporting Tracking Education

Helping individuals, companies, organizations, and institutions battle the impacts of the disease.

Certified Testing Platform

FDA & EUA At-home/On-site PCR, RAPID Diagnostic Antibody, Antigen and Flu+COVID testing solutions.

Contact Tracing & Notification

Cloud-driven tools to provide secure, anonymous, workplace-only exposure tracing and notification.

Daily Symptom & Exposure Assessment

Phone, text, web, mobile tool to monitor the need to test and/or isolate.

Program Design & Analytics

Actively adjust program design through real-time individual, cohort, and population tools.

Monitoring & Reporting

Robust coronavirus symptom tracking and COVID tracing process to quickly identify potential exposure to the virus as well as push notifications to protect individuals and family members.

  • Real-time Test Tracking
  • Automatic Symptom Surveys
  • Live CDC updates
  • 250Gb mo Transfer
  • Safety Best Practices
  • 24/7 Telemed/Speak to a Doctor

We’re On The Same Team

Get back to work/school safely by reducing infections and preventing outbreaks with coronavirus screening, symptom tracking and contact tracing solutions. WeCARE enables data driven decision to be made quickly, and executed efficiently.

Action Plans and Contact Tracing

In the workplace or school, contact tracing is a core control measure to mitigate risk by reducing transmission seeing as both pre-symptomatic (infection detected before symptoms begin) and asymptomatic (infection detected but symptoms never develop) individuals are able to transmit the virus to others.

Covid-19 Contact

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Coming to iOS/Android

We are excited to announce that our web application will soon be availble for iOS/Andoid.


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